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i18n DB Source Code Available
Tuesday November 17, 2009 4:39 AM

You can download the i18n Db source code and WAR file here:


You can read documentation about running your own version of i18n DB here:


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i18n DB Beta
Thursday November 12, 2009 10:15 PM

Last night we released the beta version of i18n DB. i18n DB is an effort to create open-source resource bundles of commonly used text by leveraging crowd-sourcing. Key value pairs are organized in domains, enabling users to infer context and choose the most apropos set of key value pairs for their application. In addition, each i18n user can enter a new key text pair or supply an alternate value for an existing key value pair, creating a customized variant of a key value pair set.

We encourage all our multilingual visitors and users to participate. Each user can create a localized variant of any key text pair on the site. We believe that when the database becomes large enough, developers can use the i18n DB to create resource bundles for their internationalized software.

We are working to create an open-source package for i18n DB code base, JSPs, and Java source code included. As soon as the package is ready, I will post a link here. The downloadable package will help anyone to create and deploy a version of the i18n DB website.


For more information visit http://i18ndb.astrientfoundation.org

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Thursday November 12, 2009 10:15 PM

Several weeks ago we added an AJAX chat page to HostJ2ME.com. The page enables users of the HostJ2ME.com website to chat with others website users and with users of the OSM mobile client. The chat UI implementation is completely HTML and JavaScript, and uses AJAX to check for new messages in the server database. Use view-source to see how the HTML and AJAX code is implemented. As with most of the software we produce, the code is open-source and can be copied, changed, and redistributed without charge. If you need to see the server implementation, please send us an email.

To check out the chat page, visit HostJ2ME.com and log into your account.

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